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Hey all, I've had Xmods for a bit, I've learned a bit from em and plan on doing more to em. Right now my toyota supra has 1 extra AAA cell as well as stage 2 motor upgrade(white), all wheel drive, and body kit. I plan on splurging on the new line and get me a truck and mod the bejesus outta it. I actually got into em when I first started working for radioshack.

I have a
(2)red toyota supra
black Nissan skyline
(2)Yellow Acura NSX
(2)Orange Nissan 350z
(2)honda civic

The 2006 Ford F150 is my next target unless the H2 has more room for upgrades and doesn't become top heavy. My next project will be to make something off road and won't roll repeatedly as my toyota supra does.
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