mcsnstwentyo3 (mcsnstwentyo3) wrote in xmodsrc,

1st Entry

This is the first entry in my new Xmods RC community. My name is Sean, I am the moderator. To start things off I will show a few pics of my Xmod car. The reason I created this community was so that people would have a place to show their Xmods, talk about them, ask questions, and anything else to do with Xmods. I hope you enjoy the pics of my car. I have a Nissan Skyline GT-R. So far I have the full body kit (though right now all that is on the car is the rear bumper and the carbon fiber hood), a few decals straight out of the starter kit, aluminum wheels, stage 2 motor (currently the 11 tooth 30K RPM motor), and the all-wheel drive kit (not in the car right now). Enjoy.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments about the community, or my car. Thanks.
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